YouTube Videos

Here are some videos that have been posted to YouTube.
Some by are me, some are of me, some are just for fun.

Marita shot this of Mr. Cowan's song at my 60th birthday party in 2010.

Two time lapse videos of wine making in 2011:
The Crush
and The Press

Videos from our eclipse trip to the South Pacific in 2012:
Day of the Eclipse aboard the Paul Gaugin
Noumea Welcome
Noumea Farewell
Wabao Welcome

Rowan's meme videos from Thanksgivings at the Dougall's:
Gangnam Style in 2012
That Turkey Talks Cray in 2013
Pedestal Pete in 2014
Whip Nae Nae in 2015

A time lapse video of clouds from our living room window

A visual proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
A recently discovered Trisection of a Square

Our grandson goes crow hunting