Rob Doggett leads his cousin John and me far into the Canadian wilderness in search of the wily Kamloops trout.

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Here's John, full of optimism and hope, heading out to the cabin on our first day.

Rob and John pull up to Eagle Bay One. Finer accommodations are not to be found north of the 49th parallel.


Rob demonstrates classic dry fly casting technique for the edification of nearby neophytes.

A futile attempt to lure Big Walter out from under the dock using a chironomid nymph tied below a dry fly.


Rob demonstrates how one can convert firewood into a hot shower using Canadian backwoods technology.

An old troller looking for one more bite before the stars come out.


We say goodbye to Ron and Missy at the Circle W before driving back to the good ol' USA. You can't see Ron 'cause he took this picture.