A minor goal of the trip became the search for statues honoring the great scientists and mathematicians of European history.

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We were surprised to discover in Bruges a statue of Simon Stevin, the man who gave decimal fractions to the western world.

In the city of Lyon we came across a statue of the famous French scientist Andre Marie Ampere, a current favorite of electrical engineers everywhere.


In the courtyard of the Uffizi gallery in Florence many of the great thinkers of Italy's past are executed in marble. We decided to focus on Galileo.

Around the year 1600 Emperor Rudolf II brought both Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler to Prague. Their collaboration revealed the secrets of planetary motion. Today they stand together in bronze, looking to the heavens.


Albert Einstein lived in the village of Caputh (relatively close to Berlin) from 1929 to 1932. With the assistance of friendly locals we located this bas-relief in his honor.