Much of the Whole Sick Crew turns 50

Port Townsend, April 1, 2001

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People talked in pairs

  Girl Talk

  Tall Tales

  In-Law Talk

People talked in groups

  In Chairs

  Over Photos


There was laughter

So then Sven,
he says to Ole...

The old Sitka
grizzly bear joke

Can you identify the
designated driver?

And smiling for the camera

The Happy Couple

Madona and Child

Say Cheese!

Men were Men, and Giants walked the earth

Advice and Consent

Rapt Attention

Same to you, Magoo

And, of course, there was Barbecue

Barbecue Support

Barbecue by

Barbecue by
Large Committee

But most of all, there was Joie de Vivre

Debbie Do Dish

Another Happy

Just Happy to
Be Here

And here are the pictures from Prom Night