Eclipse in Curaçao

Here is a collection of photographs from the Dabney House Eclipse Expedition to the island of Curaçao in February 1998. Just click on any image below to see the full snapshot:


Coronal Portraiture

Lucia's Stargate
Dean's #1
Dean's #2
Lucia's Totality with Mercury and Jupiter
Link to Stargate.jpg (1520x1920 and 212kb)
Link to Totality1.jpg (1520x1920 and 209kb)
Link to Totality2.jpg (1520x1920 and 223kb)
Link to Planets.jpg (1500x1800 and 167kb)


Day of the Eclipse at Cas Abao

Round up the usual suspects.
Setting up for totality.
Tropical Robin.
Crescent light through palm fronds on sand.


Life and Hard Times at the Princess Beach Hotel

Continental breakfast served with Typical Caribbean Efficiency
Her Radiant Majesty
The Life is Tough Club is now in session.

Overkill on the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle.
A photo of Dean taking a photo of Lucia taking a photo of ...
Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me.


Carnival Parade

At least someone knows how to dress for Carnival.
Exploding off the bus after the Children's parade.
What the Tiger puts into his tank.