Bits and Pieces

Here are some bits and pieces of me still scattered about the web.

These bits of doggerel were some of my finest work at Microsoft.
The Windows National Anthem was a nice warmup.
But the Battle Hymn of the Reorg was my masterpiece,
complete with a quotation in Business Week, and a Wikipedia Reference.

I won the MAA Sliffe Award once in Middle School, and again in High School.

Here I claim credit for naming the font Trebuchet.

Before I joined Microsoft, Mr. Shaiman hired me to design and write a character mode game to ship with his mouse.
Many years later I discovered the game being discussed in a DOS Gamers Forum.
From that I got in touch with Dr. Ludos, who wrote up a history of the game for his magazine referenced here.

I was honored to be cited as a role model by Dr. Bricker, GeekWire's Geek of the Week in January 2012.

And finally, here is the Lakeside Math Team page that I manage.